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Book Anatomy

Parts of a Book


The above book has damage to the spine but you can still make out the raised bands and other parts of the book.

(1) Book Cover or Book Board - The front and back covers are sometimes called the books boards.

(2) Joint - The Joint is a small groove where the books boards are attached to the book and bends when the book is opened.

(3) Raised Band - Raised Bands are raised areas on the spine. They were once the result of cords underneath the cover material that held the books covers on but are now mostly decorative.

(4) Tail - The Tail is the bottom part of the book.

Parts of a Book 2


The Photo above shows

The Endsheet - The Endsheet is one piece of paper that makes up both the Fly Leaf and the Pastedown. It joins the book block to the cover. Sometimes you will find that this is two separate sheets depending on how the books End sheets were made.

Hinge - The books Hinge is the part that bends when the book is opened.

Fore edge - The Fore edge is the trimmed edge that is opposite of the spine and can sometimes is painted or gilded on higher end books.

Headband - The Headband is a decorative colored cloth band designed to protect the books spine.

The inside pages that make up a book are sometimes referred to as the Text block or book block.

Book Dust Jacket

Dust Jacket or Dust Wrapper - Hard bound books have protective paper or plastic wrappers that wrap around the covers of the book for protection. The dust jacket may also be called a dust wrapper and usually displays artwork as well as the title and author of the book.

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